Friday, November 25, 2005

Things that have the same name as you

I've decided to make the best of things today. (Yesterday I had an eventful evening after getting home at nine-thirty. Love-bird did not return home from his French lesson and I spent the evening phoning him, all his friends etc. I decided he had obviously been mugged, and upon his resistance the mugger had stabbed him. He was clearly lying in a gutter choking on his own blood somewhere. Before I could call the police he moped in, head hanging. I don't understand how he can know he'll be in the dog-house, know I'll be upset, know he'll get a bollocking and still not call me to let me know he's going to the pub. Really, it is a complete mystery to me.) But anyway, today I keep remembering that WW1 poem about worry. I'll look it up*, but the main idea was; some shit you can do something about, so don't worry, just do it. Some shit there's nothing you can do: so don't worry. *When I've finished looking up things that have the same name as me...

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