Sunday, December 04, 2005

drink, drama and the emergency services

We moved house on wednesday. It was not a good day. It took us from 8am til midnight, and as the resident woman (am I serious?) most of my time was spent cleaning. Flatmate 2 had borrowed a van from a builder friend to move our shit. Unfortunately as he was driving to his mum's to borrow £300, he crashed into another driver and wrote the van off. Needless to say he wasn't insured. We had to pay fifty quid to hire a new van- but as 2 now has to pay three grand, the less said about that the better... Later lovebird passed a chest-of-drawers down the stairs to me, which I accidently let go of causing it to fall and hit me in the temple. I was stunned for the rest of the day. Our new flat has elecric heating which doesn't work very well. Actually the only electric appliance in the place which works is the meter, which ticks up steadily every bloody second. On thursday I was in shock all day at college. On friday the shock seemed to get worse. I kept screwing stuff up at work and becoming confused. The waves of worry were worsening and my head ached constantly from the chest-of-drawers incident; not just where I'd hit it but on the other side as well. I thought I'd heard about that with head injuries, where you get a mirror image of the pain on the opposite side. (I better google it later to check.) Every time someone spoke to me I found myself gazing blankly at them trying to remember what I was supposed to be saying. Eventually I was going so crazy I phoned NHS Direct to ask them if I should go and see Doctor Take-Your-Shoes-Off-Baby. They asked me a couple of questions and then sent an ambulance to my work. Wow, I love a bit of attention. Hunky ambulance drivers telling me its all in my head and hinting that I'm insane? As long as they keep on holding my wrist and staring into my eyes (allegedly to check if I am concussed) I like it. All evening at work after that we had the hunky ambulance driver jokes. Phwoarr.

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