Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Family party

The Metro brought me the ground-breaking news this morning that your political leaning is influenced by the gender of your children. (I'm perfectly happy for the Metro to filch all its news of the internet, but surely there are much more reputable gossip-sites from which to source these things?) People with more sons are more likely to be right-wing, people with more daughters left-wing. The Metro included a picture of Margaret Thatcher with a classic Metro caption saying with one son and one daughter she probably voted Lib-Dem. Thanks for the insight, trusty morning paper. That's right, bring it right down to our level. Unusually, though, for Metro science-survey-shocker! stuff, it makes sense to me. At the end of the day, the world is currently harder for women to live in than for men, especially to have a life that one's parents would deem successful (education, money, power ...children). So parents with daughters would go for reform to help Bunty get ahead and afford childcare. As for Billy's doting mum and dad? Nah, things are fine the way they are, cheers. Query: does this mean life is complicated for the only girl in a family of boys or vice-versa, by the fact that their parents are subconsciously opting for something that goes against their better interests? Am I reading too much into my free morning paper?

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