Saturday, January 14, 2006

And they don't read any books, either

Kids these days have too much cash. The kids I work with are from the poorest, most disadvantaged homes in London, if not Britain, and yet they treat money as if it doesn't matter. (I blame the Government for giving their parents so little money that it's not worth budgeting.) When I was a kid and I lost my library card my mum would have to come to the library and stump up the 50p for me. This automatically (we're talking blood out of stones here) made it a Very Big Deal. I didn't have 50p. Ever. Several of the little buggers at my work, on the other hand, have had over ten cards in the past two years. They need the cards to play games on the internet, so they pay out and pay out and pay out like they don't care. What are their finances gonna be like when they grow up; especially if their incomes are like their parents' are, e.g. £55 a week? I've started punchingholes in the damn things and putting them on strings so they can wear them around their necks, but nothing helps.

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