Monday, January 16, 2006

Interesting things I have done today

1. Laminated 2. Found out I am now in charge of the non-existent childrens book-club as well as the non-existent adults book-club. Basically I have to form them from scratch. I'm too tired to think about this now. 3. Witnessed a fight where a security guard actually attacked a customer. The guy was being racist and we've got a new security firm of kids from some government employment intitiative: what can you expect? Lovely to see my supervisor Camel, all of 5'3", trying to hold this guy back, though. 4. Recited Tennyson with my colleague Shell. Who knew I would find myself working with someone else who knows The Lady of Shalott? The mirror crack'd from side to side The web flew out and floated wide The curse has come upon me! cried The lady of Shalott. 5. Spoke to a woman who reserved a book in September for her husband and has come in every single week since then to ask about it. Until today no one bothered to try and locate the book beyond checking the reserves shelf. Finally I found another copy in a different library, but I hope it will be in time for the husband: the title was Overcoming Depression. 6. Drank instant coffee. Thank God my new healthy regime- no sweets or junk food, no cigarettes, only drink at weekends- still allows me to drink coffee. (Although fuck it, I can't tell myself what to do.) 7. Ordered books for next month's Author of the month: Ian Rankin and Jean Ure for the kids. For once I have chosen two authors whose books I actually like... Last month it was Josephine bloody Cox. 8. Had a row with an unpleasant adolescent about whether her homework diary was or was not valid ID. She invited me to telephone her mother and ask her, then became violent when I suggested that there was nothing to prove a voice on the phone really was her mother. 9. Played Bookworm. (The link game will take you there.) 10. Read Trollope behind the shelter of the Cool Readz section.

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