Monday, February 06, 2006

And that was January 2006

  • I kept my New Year's resolution not to smoke, but not the one about swimming and exercise or the one about not being bitchy about Asab at work.
  • My blog of the month was a librarian and my site of the month the inspiring illustration friday.
  • My house was very very cold.
  • I neared the end of my bloody course, only to get ill just before the last hurdle. Oh well, the end's in sight now.
  • I thought very hard about my financial situation. And could not find a solution. Suggestions/cheques/postal orders welcome.
  • I selected Paula Danziger and (hooray!) Josephine Cox as authors of the month at my work. Mostly because we had a lot of copies lying around going nowhere fast. This month; Jean Ure and Ian Rankin. Any suggestions for my new Book Club's reading matter would be gratefully received. Actually it's getting urgent since I have to order the books yesterday. They need one serious book and one trendy.
  • I decided to keep this monthly list. This blog is kind of a diary, but definitely a very jumbled one, with a random mix of stuff written for me and stuff written at other people. So it's not a bad idea to think about what's been going on at the end of every month- straighten my head out a little.

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