Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Are you the Housing Association?

Someone told me I could pay my council tax here. You haven't got any computers left? Are you sure? What about upstairs? They're fully booked? What about upstairs? Can you show me how to print? My daughter needs help finding the CBeebies website. Do you have any books on the Housing Association? Where can I get a cup of tea? I've just been evicted. Can you help? I've just been knifed. Can you help? Can I leave my football here? When are you going to do face-painting again? Have you got a boy-friend? Is this the Citizens Advice Bureau? Can I get a Leisure Options card here? How do I apply to use the computers? Can I log on to the web here? How much are the DVDs? That's too expensive. When are you going to switch my electric back on? Are there any jobs going here? Can I see the manager? Are any of these CDs for sale? Where's the toilet? Where's the baby-changing room? Can I have change for the snack machine? Why was my son kicked out of here yesterday? Can I use the phone? Can I send a fax? Why won't MS Messenger work on these computers? They let me do it at Stratford library... Can you help me with my CV? Have you got any books on learning English? Can I have the free DVD out of the Daily Mail?


weierstrass said...

Where's David Beckham?

problemshelved said...

That's what they used to ask at the National Gallery, funnily enough. Here they ask Where's 'Being Jordan', by Katie Price?

woodscolt said...

At the LSE we used to get 'Where are the books on economics?'