Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bits and pieces

  • How embarassing that I just looked for a book for over half an hour, was unable to find any of the thirty-odd copies on the sytem, called two other libraries and they couldn't find it either. And what was the book? Cinderella. (I tried explaining Cinderella wasn't looked on as a particularly good influence on your little daughter anymore, but the woman was having none of it. Neither would she accept Prince Cinders by Babette Cole, one of my favourite children's books ever.)
  • I love it when the weather starts off miserable; cold and drizzly and grey; and all morning you feel it pushing against the windows to upset and oppress you. Then you step out for your lunch break and the sun bursts out like something from a bible illustration. All the horrible English puddles and damp are made beautiful. There's a rainbow so long and clear there might really be a huge pot of gold somewhere in Bromley-by-Bow. It puts a smile on my face... and believe me, it's not often I aprove of English weather.
  • I just found out yesterday that ipods only work with ipod headphones. Had I wanted an ipod in the first place (I'm old-fashioned and still rely on a good book on my way to work) this would probably put me right off.) You're not allowed to use ipod technology unless you show it off with the trademark white earphones, the dumbest status symbol since Louis Vuitton luggage.
  • Reading an interesting collection of essays called On the Move about feminism for young women today. Some of them are ghastly (Oona King bigging herself up) and some of the schoolgirls writing are pretty depressing but overall they're pretty good. At seven years old and talking a lot about the end of Thatcherism and 'Girl Power', it's already a bit dated...
  • Good luck today brother... let me know how it went. And if you want to come on the trip to the Tower of London tomorrow, meet me at my work 9.30 with your library card.

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