Saturday, February 25, 2006

Well I never

Someone told me yesterday that I only use this blog to moan. Well I'm sure that's not true at all. Actually, on Tuesday 21st February 2006 I published two postings of entirely happy, up-beat content. So there. Anyway, here's all the great stuff that's going on in my life at the moment. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you're happy now.
  1. I'm getting my hair cut next week. For 6 months I've been cutting it myself; it works out OK-looking but takes bloody ages. So I'm very HAPPY to announce I'm off to a salon for a sharp new cut.
  2. I really LIKE being inside my work on a cold, crisp sunny morning. The beams of white sunshine through the coloured glass panels are almost church-like.
  3. Last night Lovebird and myself stayed in and ate pizza and drank beer. It was wonderful. Lovebird was in ectasy because Channel 5 was showing 40 Most Embarassing Moments of the 80s. Lovebird's favourite things are TV countdowns and 80s pop music. I was in heaven because of those little Terry's Chocolate orange eggs. It's the best packaging ever. You get four eggs in an orange egg box and you scoop the gooey stuff out of the chocolate egg with a tiny plastic spoon. It really doesn't get any better than that.
  4. I've been reading Villette by Charlotte Bronte and was pleasantly surprised to find I liked it better than Jane Eyre. The heroine is way cool and the hero a hundred times more real, likeable than that fool Rochester; you kind of breathe a sigh of relief for Bronte's new attitude to men.
  5. There is the HOTTEST man sitting opposite the reception desk at my work today. Chizzy and I haven't been able to get hardly any work done today because we've had to sit here and monitor him. He's tanned; kind of Mediteranean with longish brown hair. About every two minutes he runs his hands appreciatively through it; we're trying to see if we can make him do this using only the power of our minds.
  6. Yesterday some of our unruliest little children (and amazingly, one boy of twelve who can't read or write but normally won't admit it) were temporarily calmed while I read them the new Lauren Child book: for oh, at least twelve glorious minutes all was quiet in the children's library. Bliss.
  7. I'm going to Ikea tomorrow. OK, this not that exciting, but I've never been before: anything could happen! It's curtains for me!
  8. Puns make me happy, and I have made several today. Oh shit, I'm running out of stuff to be happy about now, aren't I?
  9. Hot Guy is stroking his hair again.
  10. In 38 minutes I can go home and enjoy my weekend...

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