Sunday, March 05, 2006

Girls just want to have fun

You know when you hear someone's name for the first time and then you hear it three more times in the same day? I saw her in the National Portrait Gallery with a lot of cleavage showing, then when we popped into the Lord Moon of the Mall later that day to rejuvenate and play ITbox there she was on the wall; had died round the corner of 'a most wicked dis-ease' (cervical cancer). Then I was looking up the Tower of London this morning (old people club shit) and she popped up again; confessed to murder and was sentenced to death with her husband 1616, pardoned 1622. I should use the internet more often to learn history, it's such a useful tool. I guess people blog so they can spend hours on the internet without ever making contact with any other real people. Spend time with yourself: so much more rewarding than chat sites! Oh, just me then.

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