Thursday, March 02, 2006

Last Known Configuration

Had my hair cut; it took four hours but was worth it. The student cutting my hair was very tall and kept complaining that he couldn't get his hand around to cut my hair from the neck upwards. If he's got problems with me at 5'11 how is he ever going to cut the hair of someone normal sized? I love the language they use at Toni and Guy. At one point teacher told Beanpole to sub-divide my hair into rotating radials. Do you need GCSE maths to study at T&G? I thought you only needed eight grand a year and some really fashionable boots. Come to think of it I have GCSE maths and I'm not sure what rotating radials are. But whatever they are they look good. Popped into Lovebird's work afterwards and met his colleague, a noted poet. Lovebird thinks he's great; I thought he was extremely rude and smelly. Sitting slumped on a low stool in the corner of the shop staring at customers from under one of those brimmed fishing hats, he looked exactly like the kind of old-school tramp who sits in bookshops to stay warm. Not particularly impressed by his poetry either.


weierstrass said...

i don't know what rotating radials are either.

Sicily said...

Me neither.
And FOUR HOURS? What was he DOING?
Hahaha, I have my hair cut for free, and it takes 10 minutes.