Monday, March 13, 2006

Not Dead

No, I'm just hibernating for a bit in the warm cocoon of the worst local library service ever to hit a London borough. If you can guess which library service I'm referring to, let me know. There's a prize for the correct guess; if you're a member of it I'm so sorry for you that I'll waive your fines. Just joking... Had to face an awful dilemma this last week: if I'm not being paid to look at the internet (the internet had not been invented when this library bought its computers. Actually the internet had not been invented last time this library cleaned its keyboards. Sticky...) Anyway, if I'm not being paid to look at the internet all day, do I still want to blog? I've finally decided yes. After all, if I don't have the World Wide Web to grumble at, my flatmates find me much harder to live with... so expect something roughly once a week. Jesus, I'll have to type it at home in my own time!!!!! The things I do for posterity, and what has posterity ever done for me? Other news. I've taken up swimming. Right, now I really have to go and wash the grime of a million grubby fingers off my hands. And next time I post in this place, I'll wear rubber gloves.

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