Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Time V Money = No Contest

Bravely didn't call in sick yesterday. Instead I came into work, hung around doing nothing for two hours, then went home sick. I have no idea what that proved; it did mean that I missed having a fry-up in the cafe with lovebird and his friend JC, instead I had to fry my own bacon at home. Less calories? I doubt it. I bought three Easter eggs (early to 'prepare' for Easter): I have now eaten two of them. Sainsbury's were just messing with my head with that whole 3 for 2 'offer ends April 5th' shit. Fuckers have now 'extended the offer'. Extended it so all those weak people out there can replace the Easter egg they didn't have enough respect for Jesus to keep their dirty, greedy hands off. Well, they (Sainsbury's) can fuck right off. As an atheist I can eat Easter eggs as and when I want and not feel guilty. Three more days of work and I can go to Ireland. But mysteriously work is no easier because of that. I have a little nest behind Horror; every afternoon I spend half an hour there reading Janet Evanovich. It helps a little. But I can't stay there any longer that 30 minutes or someone might realsie. Annoyingly, since I established this routine some of the other assistants have taken to having a post-prandial gossip, for approximately 40 minutes, in sci-fi, right next to my cubby-hole. They have no sublety and they're dangerously close. When they get caught I'm probably going down with them. I miss all my college friends again. had the cutest text from Liam: he called me grrrl.Makes my worries lighter to think that someone out there thinks of me as a grrrl... More later. For now, upstairs to the hell hole.


refractoryperiod said...

Only 3 days left until you leave us for the mysteries of Ireland. Oh poo! I've been in serious denial - here I thought you'd always be here but no, foriegn lands call. Well this means I must apologise as I've been in London for three days and I haven't made contact. Arg now now you may not have time and shit. Oh poo! Stupid revision, frigin university bollocks.

(Wasn't sure if you'd read this before I had a chance to call, so in case I don't I won't it known - I gotta get my shareorshelve (wasn't sure if we mentioned names) fix).

Talk to you soon. Liz xxx

P.S. Why not eat easter eggs year round? They are way tastier than the fluidy real ones. Yuk - period manifestion.

problemshelved said...

Easter Eggs all year round? How dare you? Did Jesus die to save our souls all year round? No? Have a little respect, woman.