Tuesday, May 16, 2006

All those people who wear suits to work

don't actually need to in order to do their jobs. I know. I wore a suit to work both yesterday and today. Yesterday I worked in an office (the library's history, if you didn't know that already then you missed a great weekend of celebration, chiefly in the George) in my suit... Everyone in the room was wearing a suit apart from one man who appeared to be doing exactly the same job as everybody else. But he was wearing jeans, a baseball cap and an apallingly dirty pink t-shirt. Answered the phone just as professionally. Even attended a meeting (I made the coffee, wearing my suit). Noone even seemed to notice. Or maybe I imagined him. And all those men on the tube each morning with sweat patches slowly appearing through the pinstripe; they get to their desk, take off their jacket, remove their tie and undo their top three buttons. Some even roll up their sleeves as though about to undertake some real work. Why bother putting the damn thing on in the first place? Just one of those rituals that made Britain great, I suppose.

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refractoryperiod said...

Hope they sent you somewhere pretty. The shinier the place, the nicer the suits and the less likely the happy workers will take off their jackets. At least in my experience.

I always found the agency to lie about the formality aspect. Once they told me to wear a suit, I did obligingly with heals, of course - got to my job and found I was merely a glorified tea lady. The humiliation of searving sandwiches in a suit was quite considerable. In the evening when I turned into canape lady - the suit just looked worse!

Keep sane. x