Thursday, May 18, 2006

Odds and ends

In my humble opinion, Arsenal should have won last night. As Thierry Henry (my hero/dreamboat) said, the ref was wearing a barca shirt. Actually, I know many interesting things about football, but no one ever asks me. Because love-bird knows everything there is to know about football (what was the score in the 1972 qualifier match against Hungary, darling?) and probably also because I'm a girl. Send your football questions to the usual address. I shouldn't have gone near the tequila yesterday evening. Tequila is for Bank holidays only: I don't know why I can never remember it at the time. Definitely not for the night before you start a new job. Now I'm doing that thing where you tell yourself the more water you imbibe the better you're gonna feel, and clutch huge bottles of evian while trying ineffectually to remember how to drink. It all seemed so easy last night... be continued...

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refractoryperiod said...

Yo Francinator!

How's the life of a temp?