Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Job

is getting more and more boring every day. I kind of like how calm it is, but still... I guess as long as a job is still B.T.W. I'll stay there. You see what an effect it has had on me? Due to its somnolent languor, I no longer have anything to say! I'm just blogging so that I'm not working! Cool thunderstorm today, and thank goodness it's now hot and sunny again, as if nothing had happened. The sky went dark as night, and the lightning was real zig-zag shaped lightning, like in children's pictures. That's a really good thing about my job, I sit by the window overlooking the Dock, the DLR station and behind it the Thames. It's a marvellous view, especially for summer thunder-storms. Somethimes I surreptitiously stare out for hours 'watching the ships roll in'. Behind them, poeple with cranes are doing something to the Millenium Dome. Don't really care what very much, though. When I feel a bit tired of looking at the internet/ pretending to be diligent, I find some photocopying and wander down to the photocopying room. It's always a couple of degrees warmer ther than here in the aggressive air-con, and there's usually a few other 'administrators' as we are euphemistically titled, taking the air there and complaining about this job. I never complain... remember Newham library service? (see blog entries March 13 - May 13 2006)

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woodscolt said...

When they upgraded the BBC's computer system, they found about a hundred and twenty unfinished novels saved on various people's PCs. Perhaps you should seize the moment to finally write your picaresque novel about temping life in London.