Friday, July 21, 2006

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I might set up a website like friends reunited, but to reunite people with people they never actually were friends with, but wished they had been. People you speak to when the tube is stuck in a tunnel, or at the bar. Friends of friends or friends of enemies. If you're Australian, TNT magazine has a service a bit like that on the back page where people leave messages like 'if you're the gorgeous blonde from walkabouts last week, call shane for a good time' (excuse stereotypes). I thought of this as a method of getting to know the Hot Australian Guy who sits opposite me, but It's just too open for my British sensibilities. No wonder the French think we only marry our cousins. Our cousins are the only people we can speak to without fear of rebuff. Had such a nice summery week. On Monday Lovebird and I strolled along the river Roding hand in hand out to Essex. Until we had to go onto Chigwell High Street to get the bus home from Chigwell, it was perfectly idyllic. Like a Constable painting, and nice and cool by the water. On Tuesday I went wit the gorgeous L to a fantastic open-air pool in the middle of Covent Garden. Who knew Camden Council runs this place at the Shaftesbury Avenue end of Endell Street and it's amazing. You can dive, there's space to sunbathe and it's only £3.50! From there it's no distance to Freuds, where we refreshed ourselves in the cool underground with delicious mojitos. On Wednesday I went for another walk with Lovebird, this time to Hackney to check out where we might move to. The sun was blazing on the pavements and felt amazing. Even more amazing was the couple of swifts halves in cool Hackney pubs, followed by a chicken shish kebab from the best kebab shop ever, by London Fields on Mare Street. I'm afraid we had pizza hut when we got in, as well. On Thursday (this is like the Very Hungry Caterpillar, but with booze) I went out with Shell to a great open-air gig at Canry Wharf. They're every night all summerlong. So lovely on the grass with rose and strawberries and cream. And the best takeaway sushi ever, from Itsu. I'm going out again tonight. Fuck the rent.

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