Monday, July 24, 2006


My top ten things to do in London in the summer
  1. Go to the seaside. Proper seaside like Margate or Shoeburyness. There's a great cockle place in Leigh on Sea.
  2. Walk down to the Thames path on your lunch break, pull up your trouser legs, sit on the cool edge of the quay and dangle your legs in the breeze. Preferably drinking gin and tonics from tins.
  3. Spend the hottest part of the day in the BM. There's nothing cooler than a load of bits of rock stolen from hot countries.
  4. Drink beer on the Tatteshall Castle, a floating pub by Embankment Station.
  5. Go to Barnes and look at birds in genuine wetland environment at the Nature Reserve. Actually I've never done this, but I find the mere word 'wetland' most cooling.
  6. Have a picnic and play cricket at Greenwich. Drink beer, eat food, toss a frisbee around and sing along to your transistor radio. With all the people you love
  7. Go swimming at the Oasis Leisure Centre, on the corner of High Holborn and Endell Street. As mentioned in previous blog, it has a fantastic open-air pool, it's luscious. And since I mentioned this before as well, there's no better place to revive after too much sun than Freuds, a refreshingly dim underground cocktail bar where the mint never wilts.
  8. As befits the greatest city in the world, there are loads of great free live music events every summer. These are apallingly badly publicised. Go to the ones you don't think you'll enjoy. I guarantee you'll be surprised.
  9. Walk in Epping Forest. Then go to the Robin Hood.
  10. Cycle to work. It's actually incredibly breezy and a dream come true afte the revolitingness of the Jubilee Line/Sweatbox.


woodscolt said...

Excellent list. Further things to do: keep an eye on the Royals Parks Events listing at

In particular, look out for the theatre in the Royal Observatory Gardens - you can take a picnic and a bottle of wine and it's such fun. E and I saw Hamlet a couple of years ago and are off to Ant and Cleo this weekend:

woodscolt said...

Oh, and if anyone knows if there's going to be some more free theatre outside City Hall, I wish they'd let me know. We saw Agamemnon there a couple of years back and it rocked.