Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Anything but work

As I slide through my penultimate day at this job I find my productivity is down to an all-time low. Unfortunately I'm bored of the internet already. All of it that's not blocked (and the proxy server I was using has mysteriously stopped working) is dull. There's a large pile of work I could be doing but my colleague and fellow temp has been shirking for so long that I want her to have a big heap waiting when I leave. It's incredible that I basically do next to nothing all day, yet I predict that when I leave tomorrow she will find her work-load tripled. Considering spending all of tomorrow writing her little post-it notes explaining how to do my job ('To photocopy onto headed notepaper, rotate paper 180 degrees before insertion into tray') and leaving them lying around where she'll find them. But she's recently acquired a dangerous looking paper-knife (definitely not standard niceday issue, must have been brought in from home) and I'm not gonna mess with that...

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