Thursday, October 19, 2006

Preaching to the converted

Yesterday I attended a meeting hosted by John McDonnell in Hackney Empire. There were only a hundred people there; people were giving out flyers in the street during the day but who the hell takes a flyer from some fucking socialist power dude in a stupid hat (or whoever) and thinks oh, they're saving the Labour party, I'll pop along to that one after tea? Me, I guess. But I was definitely the only person in the room who wasn't either one of John McD's minions, a member of some factional leftwing group trying desperately to get their aims onto JMcD's agenda (What are you going to do about seizing the banks for the People, John?) or some sad NHS unionist obviously clutching at any straw that might drag the NHS back from the brink of a carpetbagger-and-golddigger feeding frenzy. It's a lovely thought that Gordon Brown might not be our only option (don't even go there, Reid). But the meeting ended with the audience being urged to rejoin the Labour Party. There is apparently no time limit for members to be allowed to vote for Party Leader. Join for a week! Now that's food for thought...

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