Sunday, November 12, 2006

The sound of silence

Of course it's Remembrance Sunday and so everyone observed a minute's silence at 11 oclock. I was in the shower listening to Magic. Magic, like every other radio station, also observed the minute's silence. But like every other radio station, they don't actually transmit silence- they transmit the sound of all those people in Whitehall being silent. They are completely unable to give us silence unless there's traffic noises in the distance to remind us that we are listening to the silence made by the Queen, Tony Blair, a whole load of veterans and that guy who was the only living person ever to get the VC, and wrote a book about it. That's a special silence, guys. Remember, that's completely different to the silence you might get if you, say, switch the radio off.


refractoryperiod said...

LMAO. I unfortunately missed the 11am silence, as I was looking for a friends shoe at a swimming baths. I was however silent when the radio discussed the silence just after the silence took place.

problemshelved said...

If you didn't manage to hear the silence on the radio, the bbc will provide a silent repeat silence, downloadable from the internet for the next month.