Sunday, November 12, 2006

The sound of silence

Of course it's Remembrance Sunday and so everyone observed a minute's silence at 11 oclock. I was in the shower listening to Magic. Magic, like every other radio station, also observed the minute's silence. But like every other radio station, they don't actually transmit silence- they transmit the sound of all those people in Whitehall being silent. They are completely unable to give us silence unless there's traffic noises in the distance to remind us that we are listening to the silence made by the Queen, Tony Blair, a whole load of veterans and that guy who was the only living person ever to get the VC, and wrote a book about it. That's a special silence, guys. Remember, that's completely different to the silence you might get if you, say, switch the radio off.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Reading Week

It's crazy- I don't seem to have done any work so far anyway and suddenly I have a week off... Why has no one ever told me how marvellous it is to spend your time in a place where reading is regarded as work? (They certainly didn't think so at Newham library, the evil fuckers... they looked on reading, or even having ever read anything at all, as a sign of rebellion and anarchistic tendencies... but I digress) Although I have of course had weeks off before in my life, I have rarely since leaving school been given the chance to spend a week in my bedroom, maybe hobble down to Primark every couple of days, have a flick through some Shakespeare, play on my computer... I love it. Of course, the reason you never hear about what a wonderful time University is to do serious reading, get away from the torture of 9 to 5, enjoy a wee bit of intellectual stuimulation... is because only 18-year-olds go to university (by-and-large) and they're too busy setting off fire alarms in their halls and going to the union bar to enjoy themselves... Shut up, grandma...