Friday, December 08, 2006


I'm quite excited about Christmas this year. I think it might be a non-stop party. (Even more than my life during the rest of the year, of course). I already have a huge organic pudding sitting in my cupboard and a tiny live Christmas tree sitting in my mum's garden ( at some point I have to get her to drive it over- that bucket will never fit in my bike basket). Prepared or what? All I need to do is get some booze in, and Bob's your uncle. My friend at college is going to Madagascar for Christmas, though, and I must confess I'm slightly jealous. Mean-spirited of me, I know, since I myself am going to Pembrokeshire for four days. She's been telling me all about eating mangoes on the beach on Christmas day with her Madagascan boyfriend. Lovely. But I have a real good feeling about Christmas in London this year. I have already received a card, from a really scary stalker woman I have been trying to avoid since 2001. How does she have my new address? It had some pink high heels on the front and said 'Rock around the Christmas tree!' on the front (pretty unlikely, given the size of my tree). At least it didn't have a photo of my taken through my bedroom window tucked inside. For a moment I was frightened it would. Yes, this Christmas is going to be mental. All the signs are right. And the weather has been so correspondingly mental all this year that it pretty much has to snow. If you think I've brought the subject of Christmas up too early you obviously don't listen to Magic (all my blogs are about Magic recently). They started playing a Christmas song every seventh track on December 1st and are gradually upping the ratio. As if Magic wasn't shit enough already!