Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lost Week

I've now given up on getting anywhere with this week. I learnt about articles today, it went a bit better than the subjunctive despite my constantly pressing control tab on my keyboard to flick over to more exciting things, ie the internet. But I did manage to stay in tonight, despite Sonia's best efforts (getting us on the guest list to some indie gig). I guess if we hadn't gone to the pub yesterday we might have gone to this -doubtlessly more fun than the Eclipse- event. I was knocked off my bike into a parked van coming up the hill by Homerton station this afternoon. Maybe the weather conditions really are adverse: Yahoo summed up the seriousness of the days events with one on its classic headlines-
'Storms and gusts of 99mph sweep across UK causing several deaths and damage to Lord's cricket ground.'
Thanks for putting it into perspective, Yahoo. Its not that I don't take monsoon weather and hurricane winds caused by global warming seriously, its that I can't stand this bloody blitz spirit induced by the media everytime anything goes remotely wrong in mainland Britain. Immediately every radio report and newspaper goes into panic mode, completely ignoring all world events and focusing on interviewing mad people who have found themselves delayed at Kings Cross and have therefore decided to bulk-buy bread, toilet paper and bottled water. Just bloody walk home to Swiss Cottage, folks. It'll take five hours but it might just blow your mind. Think of Thoreau.


weierstrass said...

i can't subscibe to your blog via bloglines anymore, maybe you could check if still have a setting for something like 'publish feed' on new blogger and if it's turned on?

weierstrass said...

not to worry, fixed.