Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Student life

Just had that terrible feeling of panic that you get when the day is coming to an end and you haven't achieved anything. Then I realised- I read the best part of a coursebook for English just because I was enjoying it. In the original French! I recommend it- Roland Barthes' Mythologies. It's well interesting. Then later I was avoiding work and so I started writing a story - in French. Ok, sometimes I do a bit of grammar and stuff, but at least half of my study seems to be things I would be doing for pleasure anyway. Went to a French film last night= work. Went to Paris last weekend= work. Go to the café and talk about Julius Caesar, go to the pub and talk about TS Eliot, get in the bath and think about Nieztsche (actually I hardly ever do that) = work work work. Soooo much better than filing and photocopying! Paris was so beautiful I can't find words to describe it. Which is a first for me.

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Sicily said...

wow i seriously can't wait to be a student. i don't know how you put up with working for so long, it's been just over 5 months and i'm considering quitting. mum tells me this is stupid, basically because of the money. but i could easily live off my savings until september... no more early mornings or probation documents! x