Saturday, April 28, 2007


Mr Blair said the "one big difference" in his thinking today was that he now recognised that measures such as Sure Start and the New Deal could not "cure" crime and bad behaviour.

Then, he said, he believed "the rising tide would lift all ships, including those families in a hopeless and often helpless situation, bringing up feckless and irresponsible children".

(from today's Yahoo news)

Actually I'm not sure I can even be bothered to comment on this naive and pathetic statement from the man whose mission for ten years has been to wow 'communities' (whatever they are) with a good strong dose of ASBO and a touch of SureStart on the side.

But what the fuck are 'feckless and irresponsible children'? Sounds like Euan Blair for one thing. Except middle-class children from privileged educational backgrounds aren't expected to be 'responsible' until after they graduate. 'Feckless and irresponsible' is what children are, Tony. Ask your au-pair! Why are we expecting children to be any more than that, and in particular children from the kinds of backgrounds and areas where ASBOs are being doled out like sweeties.

It must be difficult for many of the families in such situations, with such children to look after. But not because their children are 'feckless'! Because their situations are 'hopeless and often helpless', because they live in demeaning poverty! What the hell has the Labour Government done about that?

Outside Number 10 on the day after his victory, the PM said that 'respect' would play a big part in his third term agenda.

He said he wanted to bring back:

"A proper sense of respect in our schools, in our communities, in our towns and our villages." (downing street official biography)


Our local has to change its name. A chain of wine-bars has copyrighted the fabulous name 'eclipse' and is opening some kind of ghastly Yates-Wine-Lodge substitute down the road in Islington (where else? It wouldn't happen in Hackney) The land-lords, Steve and Joyce, have done all they can but they can't really afford a law-suit. So they're hunting for a new title. The Elipse is popular, Steve likes The Two Halves (oblique reference to eclipse apparently). My house are rooting for The Apocalypse.

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