Monday, May 21, 2007

More garlic is now consumed in the South of England than in the North of France. I really need to stop internet shopping and get a job. Every time I hear anything about any book ever I buy it on Amazon. I'm addicted. I now have two 'to do' lists because I lost the first one and then found it again. Some of the things are on it twice. It's extremely annoying. I can't decide whether to transfer one list over to the other one or if that would be a waste of time and compromise my 'to do' list efficiency. (Efficiency compromising is a great phrase I picked up while working at Tower Hamlets Council, the most efficiency-compromised organisation I have ever come across in my life). I guess I could write at the bottom of 'to do' list 1 "*Now see 'to do' list 2". It's a great responsibility having nothing to do with one's life. I can't wait to get to France now where I'll have nothing to do with my life but -Thank God- no internet. So proud of myself this weekend- I went to parties on Thursday and Friday, and could easily have gone to two more on Saturday and Sunday but stopped myself. Because I have self-control and my body is a temple. A temple which could barely stand up, enunciate any words or see properly out of either of its eyes. If my body is a temple, what God is being worshipped within it?


woodscolt said...

I would go for one of those ancient Greek gods, like in the Odyssey, who actively like all the crap bits of the sacrificed animals, so 'sacrificing' a cow to Zeus or whoever basically means having a slap-up steak and wine dinner and then chucking the gross bits on the fire.

Sonia said...

The god of wine, surely! Francie, being at work is making me want to to gouge out my eyeballs and it's not even like I'm actually doing any of it... Also, they have run out of coffee. This is TOTALLY unnacceptable.