Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Virtual Postcard

I have got some in my pocket but here's for all the unlucky ones I didn't have enough stamps for. Having a lovely time, wish you were here. It rained on and off all day today, I had to swim in the inside pool. 60 lengths, natch. Don't you guys wish you didn't live in the real world? (although it is only a 12m pool). I'll buy a phone tomorrow, my money came through. Until then, email me. G'wan, you know you want to. Oh, Gwen, tell your parents I'm alive if they ask. And Jack and Jo better forward me your addresses if you want cards. Love to all Francie xxx


Kitty said...

Hey Francie. Where ya been? And where are you now? Tried ringing you but it goes to answer phone! Home you and Jonathan are well. Where and when was the hospital photo taken?
Send me an email girl! Lots of love, Kitty

Sicily said...

hey dude, just sent you a really long email but i now realise it's probably quite boring. i'm deeply jealous of your french holiday. seriously need to get out of forest gate. sounds like you're having an excellent time despite rain. it's really hot here. i spent the day mowing grass in the orchard. there are nice cherries ripening there, i'm hoping to steal some. love and everything gwen x

Sicily said...

p.s. i have a terrible caffeine addiction. tried to come off it this week, but it lasted for about two days and i felt rubbish and headachy for both of them.....damn.

woodscolt said...

Apparently the reason you get a headache if you stop drinking coffee is that caffeine expands little blood vessels in your head and when you stop drinking it they close up again. That is why it's apparently better to cut down to like one cup a day than to completely go cold turkey, unless you want a headache for a week.

F - I have also emailed you.