Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I take it back. Everything.

I've been arguing with people all week about Boris-voters- I was convinced that 1,170,000 people couldn't really choose to vote for someone because he had silly hair. Then I did some research on the tube today, by dint of openly eavesdropping all the way from High Barnet (don't ask) in the rush hour. Top four reasons people on the Northern line voted for Boris:
  1. He's 'refreshing'
  2. Ken never represented the suburbs, where people don't see anything back for their council tax. He was just all about the inner city.
  3. The Congestion Charge
  4. He's 'a bit of a laugh'
Educational. Talking of 'educational', apparently you can now get your essays custom-written for you online for $5- $20. Yet another possible future career option turns out to not be so lucrative after all. The most interesting thing I found out today: There's a religious sect in Vietnam, Cao Dai, that worships Victor Hugo as a saint. That's the second best piece of Victor Hugo trivia I've ever heard. Well, sorry to blog about Boris. I'll never talk about it again. The best piece of Victor Hugo trivia ever: Two million people came to his funeral in Paris, 1885, including loads of Parisian prostitutes, who loved him for creating one of the first positive portrayals of a prostitute in Fantine. Anyway, they declared that in honour of Hugo, all sex was free for one night only. A lot of other women decided to join in the fun (I didn't make this up!) and as the sun went down, the streets of Paris exploded into a massive orgy.

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weierstrass said...

it's better than worshipping the duke of edinburgh

I read this week in education guardian that a lot of essays sold online are very poor quality, wouldn't get high grades at all, and are often caught by software that lecturers use to check for plagiarism as being ripped straight off the internet. there's probably still money in high quality essay writing.