Friday, September 19, 2008

So THAT's what I'm here for

I was beginning to wonder. Spent the whole week wandering bemusedly round ugly University buildings looking for classes which then turned out to be English for Idiots, or rather more embarrassingly, German for people whose understanding of the German political system is about 78times as informed as my own. Not to mention interminable meetings with evil French administrative staff whose raison d'etre seems to be blighting the live of innocent Erasmus students, and Heads of Department who all seemed to assume I was in France to take courses in Shakespeare taught in English. Then I managed to get a French literature class this morning and it was awesome- ha ha kids, I'm gonna learn the entire history of rhetoric from Protagoras and Corax to Schopenhauer and Herbert Spencer! In your FACE! This class kicks the arse of anything they bothered to teach me in the QM English department. Not to speak of the French department, where they seem to adhere to the view that French literature -and philosophy- started and ended with the sainted Albert Camus. I'm overwhelmed with the awesomeness of French universities. There were about 90 people in the class, which seemed to be taking place in a disused garage, but I learnt loads of stuff! Had been beginning to forget that I go to college to learn stuff. And because it's BTW, but that is a secondary reason after all. Well I better go read some Plato. Your FACE!!!

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