Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Going downhill fast

When I was little I can remember pushing my bike up hills just to whizz down them at what seemed like breakneck speed. The appeal of skiing is similar- it's as close as you can get to freefalling without doing something really silly. Add the beauty of the Alps, the clear air, the black pines against the bright blue sky. Being that close to the sky is literally out of this world. I kept laughing for no reason (the altitude?) and when I fell over (all the time) I was thinking 'This is life. I've really found something this time.' Of course I probably won't go back soon as I'll never get that deal again. I could probably get free accommodation with an old friend, but the lift-pass and the ski rental alone come to more than I paid for the week. The hordes of expensively sunglassed Brits milling around the lifts are not really people I'm keen on anyway. It's not for me. They're people who have to buy thousand pound holidays to experience the magic of spiralling downwards with no control. I feel that way when I wake up in the morning.

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