Monday, November 16, 2009

Question- Can you entirely change the value of a council service by changing just one letter in its name? Answer- There is no longer a Children's Play Area in Mile End Park: there is a Children's Play Arena. Actual facilities have not been affected. Go Tower Hamlets Council, the masterminds who have renamed their libraries Idea Stores, their private police force THEOs (they're enhancing your Street Safety, dontcha know?) and rather beautifully adapted the Olympic Park to Olympic Parklands.

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Alex A said...

Ideas Stores have been amazingly successful at getting punters through the door but sadly traditional library services, such as book borrowing, have not increased as they hoped. I'm not certain but I think it might be lower than before the re-branding. I visited a couple for work though and they did seem to genuinely consider this a problem and something they wanted to change.