Saturday, August 13, 2011

London Riots- My two pennies' worth

The Police
1.)The police are racist and violent. The Metropolitan police are particularly racist and violent. Maybe I'm cynical, but this was what I said on Sunday morning about Mark Duggan's death:
After two years of hearing every lie in the book trotted out about police murder victim Iam Tomlinson, any thinking person would be criminally stupid to assume that stories of 'a bullet lodged in a police radio' were not a load of the Met's typical evidence invention and fraud. Usually they construct some 'undeniable' piece of crap to get them through the first few weeks while they are under scrutiny. In three weeks, when this has died down, it will be revealed that the bullet was actually 'accidentally' fired by an officer. But by then there'll be loads of fudged interviews and phony witnesses, it will be fully established that Mark Duggan was so bad he was practically asking to be shot, and the relevant officers will have their early retirement package.