Monday, December 31, 2012

Cairo-ing on

I temporarily closed down this blog while moving house and sorting my life out. Suddenly I'm starting 2013 in Egypt, with a brand new Master's degree and a whole new life. A rather cushty ex-pat life to be exact. This is the seventh year I have kept this blog, but the number of posts has always been affected by several variables:
  • how many jobs I'm working
  • how interesting my life is
  • how much time I have to think and write
This means over the last two years, while I've been studying, working, or drinking cans of Red Stripe with my Hackney Wick neighbours pretty much every hour of the day, posting has suffered.

In Egypt all three factors are currently at optimum levels. There's loads of interesting stuff going on, I don't teach too many hours, and the weekend is mine all mine. I'm very attached to this blog, which although I write a lot, still represents the main stage for me to throw my thoughts vaguely towards the outside world. However it remains to be seen whether I will start posting a regular, insightful and incisive column about life and politics in Egypt, or if I will get on with the world's second-best novel about English teachers in Cairo (after Olivia Manning's Levant Trilogy).

(Interestingly I recently saw an old friend in Paris where he is working as a reader for a small but cool publishing company. He tells me that almost all the novels he reads are autobiographical, and they all deal with battles with cancer, the migration experience or drug abuse. There's definitely an opening for a new novel about the author's thinly disguised experiences as an Algerian junky with leukemia. A tip I offer freely to anyone who wants it.)

Anyway, I'm feeling good about writing and the future, wherever either of these my take me. Happy New Year!

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