Friday, January 25, 2013

A Hundred Different People: Why I blog

This blog has been running since 2005, with a small but loyal readership and occasionally a whole bunch of hits when I talk about something specific (although a lot of the people who read my post about ‘Choice Feminism’ seemed, ironically, to have found me while googling ‘Women’s Shoes’).

Over these seven-and-a-bit years, the concept and the motivation for the blog have evolved pretty much non-stop. In the beginning I mostly talked about my day, my problems with my partners, my frustration at work- short posts, rather like a diary written by someone who nonetheless wants their diary to adhere to basic rules of writing style. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Top Twenty-Five Moments of 2012

‘2011 was shit. 2012 is gonna be The Shit.’ Marco 

1. Singing The Human League with Theo at karaoke at the Electric Matchbox .
2. Running around the ancient monuments of Carthage with April on a sunny winter’s day, all alone except for the cats. 
3. Study club with Marco, reading heavy tomes in silence on the sofa and trying to wait as long as possible before the next tea / coffee / fag break.