Saturday, November 15, 2014

Guest music post from / about iRate

'...Living under capitalism sometimes makes it easy to accept one’s own insignificance. But there has always been this thing inside of me – iRate – desperate to come out. That is why iRate is colourful, unapologetic, experimental, uncompromising, psychedelic, strong, unafraid and tackles taboo subjects front on. She is the best side of me and the person I want to be...'
Hi! My name is iRate. I am a feminist electronic musician and writer.
* 'I like hanging out with you' (…/02/i-like-hanging-out-with-you/) is an ambient attempt to capture my feelings of warmth towards all the people around me (it is also apart of a series of compositions/studies which are pre-occupied with the sun). I guess an (anti-romance) love song.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Just watched the Sainsburys Christmas advert. (4 million views so far).
The picture above shows the French cemetery at Verdun, where 15,000 French and (French) African soldiers are buried. In the centre of this cemetery is the large building known as the Ossuary, which is literally filled with unidentified bones found on the battlefield (estimated at 130,000 remains but farmers still find bones in the fields each year). Additionally Verdun boasts an American cemetery with 14,000 dead, and several German cemeteries.
Verdun today has a population of 20,000. The Western Front stretched for up to 400 miles.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The bells of Varese

When I lived in Cairo, on the rare occasions when I went out and got really messed up, I would know when to get up when I heard the Dhuhr prayer at noon, in varying loudspeaker arrangements and at slightly different times from the dozen or so mosques in earshot of my flat. first one, then several voices, seemingly competing to sing louder, truer, more beautifully than the next. (Some were not beautiful but merely enthusiastic).

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Why I Should Never Have Watched ‘Frances Ha’ (or How All the Eccentric Veterans Called Forrest Who Liked Running Probably Felt In 1994)

Warning- I tried not to cross too far over from self-indulgent towards self-pitying, but probably failed. Forgive me.

 A tall blonde woman, awkward, yet beautiful. Running in the street with her best friend Sophie, laughing and shouting. She has found what she’s looking for yet has everything to gain. In the opening moments of the film, every moment is full of joy. 

Living without much money, sharing things, leaving her clothes on the floor. Sophie is tidier, yet it’s no big thing. In the big city where she’s going to make it as an artist, a dancer. Late at night they curl up together in one bed. There’s no reason for her to go and sleep in her own bed.