Saturday, November 15, 2014

Guest music post from / about iRate

'...Living under capitalism sometimes makes it easy to accept one’s own insignificance. But there has always been this thing inside of me – iRate – desperate to come out. That is why iRate is colourful, unapologetic, experimental, uncompromising, psychedelic, strong, unafraid and tackles taboo subjects front on. She is the best side of me and the person I want to be...'
Hi! My name is iRate. I am a feminist electronic musician and writer.
* 'I like hanging out with you' (…/02/i-like-hanging-out-with-you/) is an ambient attempt to capture my feelings of warmth towards all the people around me (it is also apart of a series of compositions/studies which are pre-occupied with the sun). I guess an (anti-romance) love song.

* ‘Bringing You Down’ ( is an aggressive upbeat track about that moment when one says to oneself ‘that’s it …no more…’ – a declaration of one’s humanity in the face of oppression…to put a bit of ‘fire in one's belly’!
* 'Hold On' ( is a music video in which the landscape of Roker Pier (a place I used to visit as a child) morphs in to my dreams and anxieties.
* For a more explicitly political track, listen to 'Tribute to (Occupy) E15 Mothers' (…/…/01/tribute-to-focus-e15-mothers/).
* Check out my recent review of The Resident Evil Film Franchise (…/resident-evil-review-there-is-no-e…/).
* 'Mary? Mary? Quite?' ( is a meditation on my relationship with my ninety (plus) year old Grandmother.
***Coming up?***
I currently working on / planning collaborations with ShareorShelf ( and Glitter Activism ( Get in touch if you like what I am about and/or have an idea for a project / collaboration.
For more information you can visit my website ( or read a recent interview by Street Voice UK (…/irate-interviewed-oct…/).
Any feedback is much appreciated.
In Sisterhood & Solidarity,
Feminist Electronic Musician & Activist
Angry – Anti-Capitalist – Avant-Garde – Awkward – Anxious – Bold - Cold – Compelling – Confronting – Comic – Controversialist – Counter-Culture – Cynical – Cyclical – Dance – Dark – Dead Pan – Depressive – Dysfunctional – Disordered – Dynamic – Eclectic – Electro – Electronic – Emo – Experimental –- Feminist – Fight – Hip – Gritty – House – Humorous – Inappropriate – Innovative – Intersectional – Jazzy – Jealous – Jerky – Life-Affirming – Lonely – Loud – Marxist – Minimalist – Minimal – Moody – Obsessive – Labour – Pain – Personal – Political – Pop – Pounding – Progressive – Queer – Repetitive – Resistance – Rough-and-Ready – Struggle – Stubborn – Synthesised – Unconventional – Unromantic – Weird – Work

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